JobRouter Subscription

jobrouter subscription

The circulation of invoices and correspondence is a process that takes place in every company, irrespective of its size. JobRouter is a system that enables efficient creation and quick automation of individually tailored processes. 

In the current economic situation, it’s crucial for companies to implement IT solutions, such as electronic document flow. Therefore, we’ve prepared a ready template of a process for the circulation of invoices, contracts and correspondence. It works in the cloud and takes only one day after purchase to start up.

The JobRouter Subscription includes:

  • Circulation of incoming correspondence with a distinction between invoices, contracts and other documents
  • A path for the approval of purchase invoices along with automatic OCR, contractor database, generation of a file with a transfer definition
  • Recording of outgoing correspondence
  • Electronic document archive
  • Reporting

Benefits of using the system for small and medium enterprises:

  • Faster approval and recording of invoices
  • CR function eliminating the need to manually enter data from invoices into the system
  • Reduction of costs related to the circulation of documentation
  • Digitisation of processes preparing the company for remote work
  • Online access to the company’s documents
  • Authorised individuals can view all archived documents from anywhere with internet access
  • Easy access to the system via a web browser
  • User-friendly interface
  • Creating reports based on processed documents
  • The ability to have the system in both the cloud and on the company’s server
  • The system can be integrated with the system

How does a JobRouter Subscription work?

The template is a ready-made tool that includes a group of processes that can be linked with any type of activity. Processes can be tailored to your needs, but the licence is limited only to the functionality of invoices, contracts and correspondence. However, as your company grows, you can switch the type of license and thus the manner in which you cooperate with our company. We’re ready to introduce changes to the system and adapt it to the changing needs of your business.

The JobRouter Subscription system can cover up to 300 users.

What are automated processes?

1. Invoice circulation

  • The invoice in PDF format is sent by a contractor or directly from the scanner to the e-mail address connected to the system.
  • You can use barcodes, which make it possible to divide a large batch of documents into individual invoices
  • After logging in to the system, the user receives the invoice from the inbox and begins entering it into the system.
  • Invoice OCR occurs at this stage. This means automatic invoice content recognition. Invoice data are automatically entered in the system fields, and the user has the opportunity to verify them and make any corrections.
  • The OCR tool is an intelligent solution that has learning algorithms. This means that if you make any corrections to recognised data, the likelihood of correct recognition when you receive an invoice from the same sender increases.
  • When entering an invoice into the system, the user assigns a person responsible for the next stage of the process, which is a detailed description of the invoice.
  • In the next stage, the person responsible for this description receives the task to be done in the system inbox.
  • When describing the invoice, the user selects the person responsible for its approval to whom the invoice is forwarded in the next step.
  • The authorised person accepts the invoice or returns it suggesting corrections for the previous steps.
  • After approval, the invoice goes to accounting. You can export data to the accounting system, e.g. to Subiekta or Optima
  • The system also generates a file with a definition for electronic banking transfers, which eliminates the need to copy data from the system.
  • The invoice has an automatically generated fiche and is placed in the system’s document archive.
  • The system meets the legal and formal requirements for long-term storage of electronic invoices

2. Contract circulation

  • As with invoices, contracts first go to the system’s inbox.
  • To enter a document into the system, the user starts the process by selecting the document type.
  • After describing the document, the user selects the person responsible for signing the contract.
  • This person then receives a task to be executed on their system interface.
  • The accepted contract goes to the electronic document archive.

In this way, the contract circulation in the company is divided to only two people, without burdening the office. 

3. Recording of ingoing and outgoing correspondence

  • The user describes the document, adding information such as the contractor’s details, date and person responsible for the document.
  • It’s possible to attach a copy of the document in any form, e.g. a scan or photo.
  • The user selects whom they want to notify about the outgoing correspondence recorded in the system.
  • The submitted form goes with the document to the electronic archive.
  • The system automatically creates a correspondence logbook

4. Reporting

  • Based on the documents processed in the system, authorised users can create reports. 

Reports include information such as:

  • Current invoice flows and payments (including invoices that haven’t yet been posted but are in circulation)
  • Number of running processes
  • Information regarding contracts entered and signed
  • Information on outgoing correspondence recorded
  • Document circulation time that burdens each employee

How much is a JobRouter Subscription?

The full functionality of JobRouter Subscription outlined above is available on a monthly subscription. The price for a long-term contract starts from PLN 990 per month.

Why JobRouter?

JobRouter is a low-code environment used by over 1,000 companies around the world. JobRouter AG is a German company that created the JobRouter environment in 2003. Since then, JobRouter AG has created a network of partners implementing the system. e-MSI is a Premium JobRouter Certified Partner, and thus a leader on the Polish market in system implementation. JobRouter is a platform that’s constantly evolving, which is why we’ve created a subscription version for smaller companies in response to enquiries about the system. We’re passionate about process automation and searching for the most-effective IT solutions. That’s why we understand the impact of computerisation on the economy and the current needs of digitisation of every type of business. As a company, we also want to constantly develop and respond to the needs of the growing number of our clients.

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